For the recreational boater we generally spend very little time on our boats, for the fleet manager we our based in a office that could be hundreds of kilometers distant from our vessels. For both, the problem exists of knowing the current state of your vessel without actually being on it. Information such as vessels location, current weather conditions, the state of the batteries, bilge, fuel tank etc.

At SmartWorldBox we have brought together a unique group of technologists, sailors, engineers and software developers to create a unique end-to-end solution for remote vessel monitoring.


In simple terms our SWB-Gateway is a plug-and-play device that taps into your boats existing systems, packages up relevant parameters then securely sends them to our cloud platform. Here the data is stored and displayed to you on a web based dashboard.

NMEA2000 has revolutionized the marine electronics market causing an explosion in the range of plug-and-play sensors that work seamlessly together. If your boat is already equipped with NMEA2000 sensors, our SWB-Gateway is all you need to monitor those sensors remotely. If you don’t use NMEA2000 currently you will be amazed at the range of devices that can be easily combined with the SWB-Gateway to give full picture of your vessel’s status.

  • Weather sensors
  • GNSS (satellite positioning)
  • Solar monitors
  • Engine parameters
  • Temperature (i.e tanks, fridges, compartments)
  • Simple Input/Outputs (i.e. bilge float switch, doors or windows)
  • Navigation data, speed, compass, depth
  • Tank levels, fuel flow
  • …..

SWB-Gateway is a 100% plug-and-play solution, simply plug the device into your NMEA2000 system, it will automatically start reading data and forwarding it securely to the cloud. Log in to the dashboard and view the live data coming from your boat. It really is as simple as that.